Shea Value Chain

Shea butter is prepared from shea nut that grows naturally on Shea Tree with scientific name VitelleriaParadoxa. There is no commercial cultivation of Shea tree. The tree naturally grows and stretches across the West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin etc.

Shea Tree starts yielding nuts after attaining 25 years of age and for 200 years, yielding only about 4 kg nuts annually

Shea nuts have traditionally beenharvested/handpicked by African village women for butter as it is used as a cooking oil in West African villages (yes , shea butter is edible !!)

Women cover long distances (upto10 miles & more) to collect and bring the nuts. More than 50% of shea nut production is consumed in African villages as food, cosmetic and other purposes.

Only 25-35% of total production is available in international markets.

Traditional process of preparation of shea butter entails the following steps:

  • Heat, boil or sun dry the shea nuts
  • Dehusking of nuts
  • Crushing of Kernels
  • Dry Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Kneading (or water boil or pressing)
  • Filtering

Organized shea butter producers like us purchase the best quality shea nuts from villages and extract butter through automated cold pressing process.

Our process results in least impurities and retention of all nutrients.