Nindo Sheabutter Processing and Cosmetic Company Limited (‘Nindo’) is a partnership between Sokaiko Sheabutter and Agro Processing Co. Ltd. (‘Sokaiko’) located in Niger state, Nigeria and Indian professionals with an objective to become one of the leading producers and exporters of shea butter products from Nigeria.

The Company is incorporated under the 1990 Companies Registration Act of Nigeria with RC No 1349033.

The shareholders of the Company are well experienced in international shea butter supply chain, international trade and logistics, marketing, corporate finance and Nigerian Regulations (details elaborated in subsequent sections). The Company intends to position itself to take advantage of the growing domestic demand for FMCG products and intends to venture into new products which are affordable to low and middle income households. At the same time, the Company, through the experience of its principal shareholder – Sokaiko, intends to become a major player in Nigerian shea products exports, therefore bringing in valuable foreign exchange to the country in line with the Government’s objectives of promoting agro exports.


To provide affordable, high quality products to both the local and international customers.